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10 Ways to Break Into the Music Industry

Updated: Jan 15, 2023

1. Establishing contacts in the music industry through networking.

Getting to know the individuals in the music industry is one of the most crucial aspects to landing a job there. Making the appropriate contacts and locating the ideal job both require networking. Through online resources like LinkedIn and Twitter as well as in-person interactions at conferences and events for the music business, you can network with professionals in the sector. You can meet the ideal people who can assist you in finding employment by getting to know those in the sector.

2. Get a job as an intern.

Getting an internship at a record label, music publisher, or other music-related business is how many people in the music industry start out. Internships can be a fantastic way to break into the field and get useful experience. You can hunt for internships online or through getting in touch with contacts you already have in the music business.

3.Utilize job boards.

Employment boards are an excellent resource for finding job openings in the music business. Postings for jobs in the music industry, including marketing and production, are common. Keep an eye out for announcements from large labels, small labels, and music publishers.

4. Maintain a presence online.

Having a presence online is crucial for landing a job in the music business. Make sure you have a website or blog where you can display your accomplishments and expertise. To ensure that potential employers can find you, you should also be active on social media, particularly Twitter and LinkedIn.

5. Always Update Your Resume.

A current resume is crucial if you're looking for work in the music business. Make sure your CV accurately portrays the knowledge and abilities that are relevant to the music business.

6. Attend musical events and conferences.

Meeting individuals in the industry and learning more about it may both be accomplished by attending music conferences and events. At these gatherings, you can frequently locate job openings and form beneficial relationships that could result in employment prospects.

7.Apply for grants.

Many grants are available for those who want to work in the music business. These grants might assist you in obtaining the education and practical experience required to land a career in the sector. Search online for additional information about these grants or get in touch with groups serving the local music business.


Another excellent way to gain experience in the music business is through volunteering. Volunteers are needed by many organizations to assist with occasions, advertising, and other jobs. You can look for volunteer opportunities online or by contacting local groups associated with the music business.

9. Acquire the Skills Employers Want.

People with specific abilities, such those in music production, marketing, and social media, are in high demand among employers in the music business. By enrolling in classes, attending workshops, and reading books about the sector, you can receive training in these areas.

10. Maintain an Upbeat Attitude.

A optimistic outlook is necessary to succeed in the music business. Employers prefer to work with employees who have a strong sense of industry passion and who are enthusiastic about their work. Employers want to see that you're a team player, a self-starter, and a ready learner.

Although it can be difficult, finding work in the music industry is not impossible. You can succeed in the music business with the correct mindset and the right abilities. Start your path to a profession in the music industry with the help of these pointers.


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