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United World Orchestra

You wanted to hear some new music? Get ready to try this on for size. Here come 13 new songs. Most people say this CD is like a really good book. With flavors from different nations and musicians from many countries. "Song Be" will satisfy your need for music that breaks the molds enforced by corporate music on the masses.

Our songs are a mixture of pop, rock, reggae, and fusion. We are not devoted to any one style of music. Therefore, we borrow from all the music of the world. No country or people have the monopoly on talent, beautiful music or beautiful people for that matter". Furthermore, Smitty added, "Headlining in Japan, Hong Kong, Tahiti, Australia, Mexico, and America has given us a love of the sound of the planet and its people. We don't want to think of our music as Black or White music, but to look for the goodness inside with an open mind  that's the way we would like to be received."​

- United World Orcherstra
"All the vocals are
like futuristic sounds"

                                                             - MixMagazine

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